At 19, Mia Farrow began dating 48-year-old Frank Sinatra

Blog / Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

At 19, Mia began dating 48-year-old Frank Sinatra. Despite the nearly thirty-year age difference, the two married two years later. Coming from a troubled family and often missing the presence of her father, Mia admits Sinatra became “a father figure” to her. Their marriage had been as scandalous as it was surprising. Sinatra was the 50-year-old hard-drinking, womanizing, Oscar-winning leader of the Rat Pack while Farrow was a 21-year-old rising star with a liking for Eastern mysticism when they became one of Hollywood’s most unlikely couples, tying the knot in 1966. It is rumored that Ronan Farrow is the love child of Sinatra and Farrow, not Woody Allen. Her tumultuous relationship with Sinatra quickly fell apart, and he served her with divorce papers while she was filming “Rosemary’s Baby” with Roman Polanski. They secretly remained intimate friends as Farrow went on to marry composer and conductor Andre Previn, with whom she had three children and adopted three more before the couple divorced in 1979, after nine years together. Andre Previn was married at the time Farrow started seeing him, breaking up an already existing marriage.