Investigators Dropped Their Inquiry Into Woody Allen

Blog / Thursday, April 12th, 2018

New York State child welfare investigators dropped their inquiry into the charge that Woody Allen sexually molested his 7-year-old daughter, saying they consider the accusation unfounded.

The state Department of Social Services informed Mr. Allen in a letter dated Oct. 7 that it had closed the 14-month-old investigation. “No credible evidence was found that the child named in this report has been abused or maltreated,” the letter said. “This report has, therefore, been considered unfounded.”

Dylan O. Farrow, the adopted daughter of Ms. Farrow and Mr. Allen, claimed in August 1992 that Mr. Allen had touched her sexually during a weekend visit to Ms. Farrow’s home in Bridgewater, Connecticut.

Mr. Allen lost a long and vitriolic trial against Ms. Farrow in State Supreme Court in Manhattan for custody of their three children. The judge, in that case, denied Mr. Allen, who has not been permitted to see Dylan since the custody dispute began, the right to visit his daughter for at least six months, and possibly much longer.