Mia Farrow Is No Mother Theresa

Blog / Monday, April 30th, 2018

Mia Farrow, known to many for her international work as well as having adopted ten children, hasn’t always had a ”Mother Theresa”-like image. , Those who criticize Woody Allen “for what he did to Mia,” should be reminded of the fact that if Sinatra was indeed Ronan’s biological father, it’s not the first time Mia had a child by a married man. In 1969, at the age of 24, she became pregnant by musician/composer André Previn, 40, who was still married to singer/songwriter Dory Previn. Dory Previn invited Mia to stay with the Previns following her divorce from Sinatra. The betrayal is said to have led to Dory Previn’s mental breakdown and institutionalization, during which she received electroconvulsive therapy. She would later write a song called, “Beware of Young Girls” about Mia. The birth of Ronan reveals that things were not as peachy between Allen and Farrow as they seemed. To say that Ronan is “possibly” Sinatra’s son suggests that Mia’s relationship with Sinatra was far from platonic after their If one backtracks from Ronan’s age it means that Farrow and Sinatra had relations in March of 1987 when Mia was 42 and Sinatra 71. This sort of dismisses the myth that Woody and Mia had this idyllic, loving, monogamous relationship until Woody threw it all away in 1992.