Moses Farrow Speaks Out About Woody Allen

Blog / Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

For decades the Farrow family’s numerous scandals and tragedies have filled the pages of newspapers and magazines around the world. In 2018, the family made headlines once more when Mia Farrow, her adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow and her biological son Ronan Farrow worked together to try and tie the unproven, 25-year old allegation against Woody Allen with the Time’s Up Movement.

In interviews and on Twitter, Dylan Farrow demanded to know why Allen had been spared while other Hollywood elites have been forced to step aside. To be clear, no charges were ever filed against Woody Allen and a 14-month investigation by child-abuse experts at Yale-New Haven Hospital could not find any evidence to support the 25-year old allegation. No other allegation has been brought against him since or before that time.

Recently, new information has come out surrounding the alleged abuse. Moses Farrow, the adoptive son of Mia and Woody, has become increasingly vocal about what life was like growing up under Mia, and how he believes that there is no way that Woody Allen sexually assaulted Dylan [Read Moses Farrow’s post here]. Moses Farrow, who is 39 and works as a Family Therapist, has been quoted in People magazine and Eric Lax’s book describing the confusion and fear he felt growing up under Mia’s rule. He has said that it affected him so greatly that he was unable to share his truth until he was older and more removed from the situation. Moses, who was 14 at the time, might be the critical piece that was missing in this she-said, he-said family drama, providing a fuller understanding of what happened on the day of the alleged abuse, and what life was really like in the Farrow home.