The Obscure Upbringing of Mia Farrow

Blog / Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Mia Farrow had an obscure upbringing, and much of that has transferred into her life as an adult. Farrow experienced an unhappy childhood in LA where her hard-drinking, unstable parents never even ate with their seven children. Unfortunately, Farrow lost a brother in a plane crash when he was 19, another who committed suicide in 2009 and a third who was jailed for sexually abusing young boys. Farrow herself almost died from polio aged nine and was placed in isolation for three weeks. Farrow has adopted many children over the years as well as birthed her own. Of the ten children Farrow has adopted since 1973, joining her four-biological offspring, three have died young and a fourth became estranged. Two more say they have been abused, one by Allen and one by Farrow herself, claims that are denied. People close to Mia’s ex-husband Woody Allen say Ms. Farrow is trying to manipulate the press, presenting herself as shy, helpless, in need of a mother’s love herself. “She’s very charming, very manipulative,” says a member of the extended family who sides with Mr. Woody Allen. “Anyone who adopts this many child for her own needs has real stability problems.”