April 1980: Woody Allen and Mia Farrow begin dating

July 11, 1985: Mia adopts Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow from Texas

December 19, 1987: Mia gives birth to her son with Woody, Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow. 26 years later Mia suggests that he may have actually been Frank Sinatra’s son.

December 17, 1991: Woody formally adopts Moses and Dylan Farrow

January 1992: Mia and Woody end their relationship after Mia Farrow learns of his affair with Soon-Yi Previn.

February 1992: Mia gives Woody a Valentine, a family photo pierced with skewers and a knife

February 1992: Mia adopts Tam and Isaiah, bringing her total number of children to twelve

July 1992: Woody finds a note in Mia’s handwriting that reads: “Child Molester at Birthday Party! Molded then abused one sister now focused on youngest sister. Family disgusted.

August 4, 1992: Woody visits his children at Mia’s house in Connecticut

August 5, 1992: Mia calls their psychologist, Dr. Susan Coates, to say seven-year old Dylan has begun to complain that Woody abused her. Dr. Coates reports the allegation to New York State Child Welfare authorities. Mia takes Dylan to the pediatrician, where Dylan gestures to her shoulder when asked where she was touched

August 6, 1992 Mia tapes Dylan claiming that Allen sexually abused her. The tape repeatedly stops and starts, indicating it has been heavily edited

August 7, 1992: Dr. Coates tells Woody of the allegations against him. She later testifies, “He sat on the edge of his chair and his eyes were very wide. He said, ‘I’m completely flabbergasted. I’m completely flabbergasted’

August 9, 1992: Physical exam of Dylan shows no evidence of sexual abuse

August 13, 1992: Woody sues for custody of their three children

August 17, 1992: Connecticut State Police begin to investigate the allegation

January 25, 1992: Monica Thompson resigns from the Farrow household after being pressured by Mia to support charges against Woody even though she has “serious doubts” about the truth of the claims

March 18, 1993: A team of expert from Yale-New Haven hospital, who have investigated the abuse allegation for months at the request of Connecticut State Police, tell both parents that they’ve concluded Dylan was not molested

March 29, 1993: Dr. Coates testifies that she told Woody that threats made by Mia made her fear for his safety

April 20, 1993: Dr. John M. Leventhal of Yale-New Haven Hospital enters sworn statement into evidence describing inconsistencies in Dylan’s account

June 7, 1993: Mia Farrow is awarded full custody of Dylan and Satchel Farrow. Moses Farrow elects to stay with Mia Farrow, but later reunites with Woody Allen.

October 7, 1993: New York State’s Department of Social Services finds “no credible evidence” that Dylan Farrow has been abused or maltreated